Our Products

We are proud to sell D.S. Machine  Stoves 


1500 CirculatorEnergyMAX Plus 110EnergyMAX 1601627 Riteburn1324 Riteburn1324 Riteburn with shelf


300-09 Kozy King200-10 Ecomiser2100 with hopper2200 Basement Stove


3200 Boiler3200 Boiler with insulation kitDomestic water coil9158C  Boiler151-B Bucket-A-Day30-2432AB Wood Boiler


2437 Square Canner2738 Deluxe Canner15 Stovetop Canner

Chimney and Stove Pipe Systems

SuperPro Chimney 2100Gray Metal Pipe

Stove Accessories

Chimney Brush

We provide outstanding customer service

with installation quotes available

upon request.

Free delivery in most areas.

Call us today!

(570) 253-0469

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